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Horror Punk / Deathrock / Batcave / Horror Surf / Graveyard Garage / Gothabilly / Dark Cabaret / Psychobilly / Rocket-Roll / Voodoobilly / Creepy Country / Voodoo RockNRoll / DeathrockNRoll / Electro-Punk / Horror Rock / Gothic Rock / Dark Rock

Resident DJs: Bert The HappyG:o)th and Don Rik

Birmingham's Only Horror Party!

Celebrate the nightmare before Christmas with the last Monster A-Go-Go of 2009. There will be no door charge at this event, instead we will send round a collection bucket for the collective's beer fund :0)

Monster A-Go-Go The Monstrous Sound of the Underground. Songs of Zombies; Vampires; Ghostly Cowboys; Serial Killers; Voodoo; Black Magic; Killer Clowns; Murderous Villains; Terrifiying Things from Outer Space; Heinous Crimes; Blood and Guts; Graveyard Love and Chainsaw Wielding Loonies.

Monster A-Go-Go will return in 2009!

16th May, 25th July, 31st October, 5th December

@ The Swinging Sporran, Priory Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7LL [Map]

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2009 sees the return of Monster A-Go-Go, Birmingham's only Horror Party. A night for all you people out there that dig horror in all its glorious forms. This is not a night for subcultural purists, at Monster A-Go-Go we like to mix it up, anything goes as long as it fits the theme so expect the unexpected. Playing anything and everything spooky, splatter, horror and kitsch, think of it as the soundtrack to your own personal Horror Z-Movie, a party where it's always Halloween. So c'mon and embrace your inner spooky kid, sort out your wardrobe, big up your hair, add some blood and come in the mood to party :0)

This is not a fancy dress night and there is no dress code, we do however encourage you to dress to theme if you are that way inclined. R.O.A.R.

A selection of bands: 45 Grave, The 69 Eyes, A Spectre is Haunting Europe, Alien Sex Fiend, alley dukes, Antiworld, Astrozombies, The Atomic Fireballs, Ausgang, Bauhaus, Black Ice, Blitzkid, Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, Bloody Dead & Sexy, Bobby "Boris" Picket & The Cryptkickers, Brain Eaters, The Brickbats, The Brides, Calabrese, Christian Death, The Coffinshakers, The Cramps, The Creepshow, Crimson Ghosts, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, The Damned, David Vanian & The Phantom Creeps, Deadbolt, Deadchovsky, The Deep Eynde, Demented Are Go, Devilish Presley, Diemonsterdie, Don Hinson & The Rigamorticians, The Dresden Dolls, Empress of Fur, Epoxies, Famous Monsters, Frank the Baptist, Frankenstein, The Frankenstein Drag Queens, Gavin Friday, Gein & The Graverobbers, The Ghastly Ones, ghouls night out, Ghoultown, The Gore-Gons, The Gun Club, The Hammerdowns, Hororpops, The Horrors, Hot Rocket Trio, Igor Spectre, Jackie Morningstar, Jason Webley, Johnny Cash, Kill Van Helsing, Killing Miranda, King Kurt, Last Days of Jesus, Los Carniceros Del Norte, Lugosis Morphine, Man or Astro-Man, The Meteors, Michale Graves, Miguel & The Living Dead, The Misfits, The Monsters, Murderdolls, nekromantix, New Days Delay, Nick Cave, Nim Vind, Nine Inch Nails, The October Country, The Other, Penis Flytrap, Phantom Creeps, Phenomenauts, Psychocharger, The Rezillos, Rezurex, Richard Cheese, Rob Zombie, Screaming Lord Sutch, Shadow Reichenstein, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Specimen, Tchiki Boum, Tiger Lillies, Vampire Beach Babes, Vincent Razorbacks, Virgin Prunes, The Vladimirs, Wednesday 13, White Zombie, Zombie Ghost Train, Zombina & The Skeletones...


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