i-Gallery Home Page
  14 July 2024
There is a problem with the directory you have assigned as the main image folder.  Please check the warning message under the "Physical Path" input field.
i-Gallery System Settings

It appears that this is the first time you have run i-Gallery or you have some errors in your system setup.  i-Gallery needs to be setup properly to run on your server. Please take a few minutes to fill in the boxes below.

Main Gallery Folder Location [Main Photo Location]:
Please Note: The folder you identify below is the main gallery folder that you intend to use for all of your sub-folders and photo's. i-Gallery unzips with a folder called "Upload" that is used in all of our instructions as the main gallery folder. The "Upload" folder does not need to be your main gallery folder, you just need to identify the correct paths to the main folder you intend on using! Both of the paths below are critical in the successful operation of i-Gallery.

Physical Path: 
  ERROR: The folder listed above does not exist. Please make your correction then re-submit!
EX: E:\Domains\b\braindeadcollective.com-1081680079\user\htdocs\MainFolder

Resource Locator: 
  Note: This locator is used throughout i-Gallery for image display. Make sure it points to your main image folder.
EX: http://www.braindeadcollective.com/MainFolder

System Settings:

Thumbnailer App.:  Auto-Detect Installed Thumbnail Com's
  Note: i-Gallery supports [2] thumbnailing components. If your server has any of the COM's installed make your selection here. The default setting is "None".

Records Per Page: 
  Note: Number of images to display per page.

Max Upload Size: 
  Note: Maximum allowed image upload size for administrators.

Email Server: 
  Note: Outgoing SMTP for your server. Usually something like "mail.yourdomain.com".

Email Address: 
  Note: Address used for outgoing emails.

Email Application:  Auto-Detect Installed Email Com's
  Note: If your not sure what email com's are registered on your server i-Gallery can look them up for you.

Title Max Size: 
  Note: Default is [20]. Careful on the image title size as the title will not wrap and can cause the program view to look distorted.

Description Max: 
  Note: Default is [250]. Careful on the image descriptions size as the description wraps down and can cause the program view to look distorted.

Display Settings:

i-Gallery Bar: 
Start:   End:   Font: 
Default:  #72AFE8    #336EA5    #FFFFFF
  Font Color

Viewer Bar: 
Start:   End:   Font: 
Default:  #3E96FF    #0043CF    #FFFFFF
  Font Color

Image Toolbar: 
Yes   No  
  Note: The toolbar allows rotation [left, center, right] of the displayed thumbnails. This is just a cosmetic rotation and does not effect the overall image.

  Note: Image viewer background.